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What are the benefits of seeing a Periodontist?

A Periodontist is a dental specialist that has completed dental school and continued their education for three additional years to focus on periodontal disease, oral inflammation and the placement of dental implants. This extensive training prepares Periodontists, like Dr. Steven Van Scoyoc, for diagnosing, treating and preventing periodontal disease and oral inflammation, and placing dental implants to replace missing teeth. Dr. Van Scoyoc is the only dental specialist with this unique training background in Moore County.

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Importance of Seeing a Periodontist

When it comes to seeking treatment in today’s modern society, you may have several options. Choosing to receive treatment from a Periodontist for specialized procedures such as laser gum surgery, bone grafting and dental implants means you are putting the health of your smile in the hands of an experienced dental specialist. Periodontists have a deeper understanding of how the gums, bone and oral structures all work together, which allow them to change course in the middle of surgery or treatment to do what is best for the patient. Dr. Van Scoyoc builds long-term relationships with his patients that allow him to get to know you and your goals, so he can build treatment options that can help you achieve the best result possible.

You Have Options

Dr. Van Scoyoc sees many cases where patients are referred to him for tooth extractions and then dental implants. In many cases, the patient is referred out too quickly, when the teeth can actually still be saved. A Periodontist is capable of dealing with more complex cases and understands more deeply how dental implants and the oral structures work together. Because of this, Dr. Van Scoyoc has the ability to help you save your teeth and has helped patients keep their natural teeth forever, despite the referral for implants. If you are facing a similar situation, you do have options.

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