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Why Periodontal Surgery?

Gummy smiles, tooth decay and gaps can all affect the look, feel and health of your mouth and smile. By addressing these concerns with different periodontal plastic surgery treatment options, Dr. Steven Van Scoyoc can give your smile a makeover that leaves you healthy and feeling confident.

Periodontal plastic surgery may sound scary, but with minimally-invasive technologies and a specialization in soft tissue procedures, Dr. Van Scoyoc is experienced in helping patients get the care they need. Dr. Van Scoyoc has performed hundreds of periodontal surgeries to bring patients happier, healthier smiles, and serves as an Executive Council Member for the Southern Academy of Periodontology.

Treatment Options

Dr. Van Scoyoc has several treatment options available to meet different smile needs. To help patients with dental fear or anxiety, he also offers sedation dentistry with these procedures.

Benefits of Treatment

  • Healthier Mouth
  • Improved Smile
  • Prevents Future Complications


There is a small piece of tissue between the two front teeth called the frenum that connects the lip to the gums. Sometimes, the frenum causes a gap between the two teeth, or causes them to push apart after orthodontic treatment. In these cases, Dr. Van Scoyoc may recommend removing the frenum through a procedure called a frenectomy. This helps promote a successful treatment to bring the teeth back together and close the gap.

Crown Lengthening

Sometimes, crown lengthening may be needed to expose more of the tooth structures. This procedure may be recommended to fix a gummy smile, or to give Dr. Van Scoyoc more access to the tooth to clear away decay or replace a crown.


Overgrown or swollen gums can be a result of gum disease, hormones, or medications. In these cases, the health of the teeth and bone may be put at risk of disease that from bacteria that cannot be easily removed during normal hygiene routines. Dr. Van Scoyoc may suggest removing excess gum tissue to correct the smile and allow for a deeper clean.

Heather's Testimonial

Heather discusses her experience with Dr. Van Scoyoc.

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