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Replace Missing Teeth and Smile Without Hesitation

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Smile Without Hesitation

Missing teeth can cause embarrassment, lower self-confidence and uncertainty in one’s self-image. We have seen patients with just one missing tooth struggle eating foods they used to enjoy without any problems. We have also seen patients with multiple missing teeth avoid social situations and experience nutritional complications. The effects of missing teeth may vary for every patient, but each one can agree that tooth replacement has helped changed their life.

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The Effects of Missing Teeth

Not only do missing teeth affect your mental health, but they can also make it difficult to chew properly, changing your diet and negatively impacting your digestion. Missing teeth also make it more difficult to reach some areas of the mouth and around the teeth to keep them properly cleaned of bacteria and plaque, which increases your risk of gum disease and decay.

To protect the health of your smile and to get your confidence back, we offer a variety of tooth replacement options. Dr. Steven Van Scoyoc has been awarded the Grover C. Hunter Award for Clinical Excellence from the University of North Carolina, having proven for more than eight years that he is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of his patients.

Why should you replace missing teeth?

Replacing missing teeth helps protect your mouth from decay, tooth damage and bone loss, which can lead to serious complications in the future if left untreated. Further tooth and bone loss can lead to a changing smile, which challenges how you view yourself, and how others may view you. Tooth replacement can:

  • Prevent Shifting Teeth
  • Promote Bone Stimulation to Retain Your Appearance
  • Maintain the Health of Your Natural Smile
  • Prevent Future Complications Such as Gum Disease
  • Protect Your Teeth from Damage
  • Give You a Complete Smile

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dr. Van Scoyoc discusses the benefits of dental implants.

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